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ArcGIS for Desktop Cookbook

By : Daniela C Docan
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ArcGIS for Desktop Cookbook

By: Daniela C Docan

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ArcGIS for Desktop Cookbook
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Working with Map Algebra

Map Algebra is the math for raster datasets. The math-like expressions contain operators (for example, Divide, Equal To, And, Over, and InList) and functions (for example, Mean, Con, Slope, and Aspect).

Some Map Algebra operators and functions return logical values: True (logical value 1) and False (logical value 0). Be aware of NoData cell values because Map Algebra will not interpret this nonzero value as a true condition.

Getting ready

In this recipe, you will use Map Algebra expressions to identify the suitable sites for fruit orchards and reforestation. You will update the LandUse raster dataset with the proposed forest and fruit orchard sites using a Map Algebra operator called Over.

How to do it...

Follow these steps to learn how to work with Map Algebra:

  1. Start ArcMap and open the existing map document MapAlgebra.mxd from: <drive>:\PacktPublishing\Data\SpatialAnalyst.

  2. Add the following rasters created in the Reclassifying a raster recipe: ReclassAspect and...