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ArcGIS for Desktop Cookbook

By : Daniela C Docan
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ArcGIS for Desktop Cookbook

By: Daniela C Docan

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ArcGIS for Desktop Cookbook
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Creating density surfaces

Density surfaces estimate the concentrations of points or polylines per unit of area. ArcGIS allows you to create a density surface using two methods:

  • Simple—calculate the cell values using a circular search area around the raster cell

  • Kernel (Kernel Density Estimation or (KDE)—use a circular search area centered on the sample point or polyline feature; the cell value is calculated based on the overlapping kernel-density surface values

Getting ready

In this recipe, you will prepare data for analysis by representing the built-up area using the Buildings polygon feature class. You will use the kernel density function to estimate the number of buildings per square kilometer. Using the same function, you will create the density surfaces based on the selected features (for example, dwellings and dwellings made of clay) and based on an attribute field (for example, the number of families, population, and so on).

How to do it...

Follow these steps to create two density raster...