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MariaDB High Performance

By : Pierre Mavro
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MariaDB High Performance

By: Pierre Mavro

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MariaDB High Performance
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Temporary tables

Temporary tables show you how many temporary files are created in the disk because they couldn't be set in memory. To show them, you can use the global status information:

MariaDB [(none)]> show global status like 'Created_tmp%';
| Variable_name           | Value  |
| Created_tmp_disk_tables | 13363  |
| Created_tmp_files       | 6      |
| Created_tmp_tables      | 107681 |
3 rows in set (0.00 sec)

You can see all the temporarily created disk tables, files, and tables here. Here is a description of them to better understand how they work:

  • Created_tmp_disk_tables: This value should stay at 0 instead of getting BLOB or TEXT columns in your databases. They are used when the in-memory tables become too large.

  • Created_tmp_files: This is how many temporary files were created. When Created_tmp_disk_tables is not enough, disk files are created, and the counter increments...