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MariaDB High Performance

By : Pierre Mavro
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MariaDB High Performance

By: Pierre Mavro

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MariaDB High Performance
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There are a lot of configuration options, and some of them depend on your needs. We'll see here what choices we have, what is the best for your needs, and how to use them.

Transfer methods

Several transfer methods exist and all have their pros and cons. Why should you change it? This is simple; when you need to integrate a node in a current cluster, a running node is designed to change state and become a Donor. The Donor will be the dedicated node to transfer data to the new node.


When a node is in the Donor mode, transactions are locked on that node until it finishes the transfer of data.

Depending on the transfer method you choose, it will be more or less faster to create a new node. Here is what a Donor looks like when it is in Donor mode:

MariaDB [(NONE)]> SHOW global STATUS LIKE 'wsrep%stat%';
| Variable_name             | VALUE                                |