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Mastering Unit Testing Using Mockito and JUnit

By : Sujoy Acharya
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Mastering Unit Testing Using Mockito and JUnit

By: Sujoy Acharya

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Mastering Unit Testing Using Mockito and JUnit
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Verifying the system integrity

Integration tests let us find bugs that unit testing couldn't catch. We have unit tested the JDBC API usages in isolation from the database, but we need to test the integration of data and data access API, such as the JDBC driver, connection, and rollback. In this section, we'll test the data access layer with a database.

We need to create the database table before we start writing tests. Download the code from the Packt Publishing website and import the project DatabaseAccess in your Eclipse workspace, go to the com.packt.database.util package and run the DatabaseManager class. It will create the table. The following is the fairly simple table creation code:

    conn = DriverManager.getConnection(url, props);
    statement = conn.createStatement();
    statement.execute("create table PhoneBook      (num varchar(50), fname varchar(40),lname varchar(40))");

The following are the steps to test the JDBC code:

  1. Create...