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Mockito Cookbook

By : Marcin Grzejszczak
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Mockito Cookbook

By: Marcin Grzejszczak

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Mockito Cookbook
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Stubbing final methods with PowerMock

In this recipe, we will stub a final method and verify the behavior of the system under test. Since Mockito can't stub methods that are final, we'll use PowerMock to do it.

Remember that it absolutely isn't good practice to use PowerMock in your well-written code. If you follow all of the SOLID principles (please refer to Chapter 2, Creating Mocks, for the explanation of each of these principles), then you should not resort to stubbing final methods. PowerMock can come in hand when dealing with the legacy code or stubbing third-party libraries (you can check Chapter 8, Refactoring with Mockito, to see how to use PowerMock to refactor the badly written code).

Getting ready

To use PowerMock, you have to add it to your classpath. Please check the Creating mocks of final classes with PowerMock recipe in Chapter 2, Creating Mocks, for more details on how to add PowerMock to your project.

For this recipe, our system under test will be MeanTaxFactorCalculator,...