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Learning PrimeFaces Extensions Development

By : Sudheer Jonna
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Learning PrimeFaces Extensions Development

By: Sudheer Jonna

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Learning PrimeFaces Extensions Development
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BlockUI and Spotlight-masking components and their features

Masking components such as BlockUI and Spotlight were introduced to make UIs more attractive and they were controlled by blocking a certain piece of the web page. BlockUI allows certain parts of a page to be blocked using Ajax calls and Spotlight is useful for restricting input to a specific element by masking other parts of the page.


BlockUI allows blocking any piece of a web page using Ajax calls and makes a transparent blocking layer over the target elements. BlockUI is initiated by the source component to block one or more target elements. You can block a certain part of a page or an entire page by following the convention of wrapping the div element (h:panelGroup with layout="block") irrespective of working with a few HTML elements, such as table or span, that cannot be blocked.

BlockUI supports some of the major client-side widget methods as follows:

  • block()

  • unblock()

BlockUI components support the following features:

  • Common...