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Mockito Essentials

By : Sujoy Acharya
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Mockito Essentials

By: Sujoy Acharya

Overview of this book

Table of Contents (14 chapters)

Understanding the context of BDD

This section deals with the software development strategies, drawbacks, and conquering the shortcomings of traditional approaches. The following strategies are applied to deliver software products to customers:

  • Top-down or waterfall approach

  • Bottom-up approach

We'll cover these two approaches in the following sections.

The following key people/roles/stakeholders are involved in software development:

  • Customers: They explore the concept and identify the high-level goal of the system, such as automating the expense claim process

  • Analysts: They analyze the requirements, work with the customer to understand the system, and build the system requirement specifications

  • Designers/architects: They visualize the system, design the baseline architecture, identify the components, interact and handle the nonfunctional requirements, such as scalability and availability

  • Developers: They construct the system from the design and specification documents

  • Testers: They design test...