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Building Mapping Applications with QGIS

By : Erik Westra
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Building Mapping Applications with QGIS

By: Erik Westra

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Building Mapping Applications with QGIS
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Suggested improvements

Of course, no application is ever completely finished, and there are always things that could be improved upon. Here are a few ideas for things you could do to make the ForestTrails application even better:

  • Adding labels to the trail layer, using the QgsPalLabeling engine to only show only the track names when the map is zoomed in sufficiently so that the names can be read.

  • Changing the color used for the track based on the track type. For example, you might draw all bike trails in red, all walking trails in green, and all horse trails in yellow.

  • Adding a View menu where the user can select the types of tracks to be displayed. For example, the user might choose to hide all the horse trails, or show only the walking trails.

  • Extending the logic of the shortest path calculation to exclude any tracks that are currently closed.

  • Adding another map layer to display various obstacles on the map. An obstacle would be something that is blocking a track, and could be represented by...