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Calculating the area of a polygon

This recipe simply measures the area of a polygon.

Getting ready

For this recipe, we'll use a single-feature polygon shapefile, which you can download from

Unzip the shapefile and put it in a directory named qgis_data/ms within your root or home directory.

How to do it...

Perform the following steps to measure the area of a large polygon:

  1. First, import the QGIS constants library, as follows:

    from qgis.core import QGis
  2. Load the layer:

    lyr = QgsVectorLayer("/qgis_data/ms/mississippi.shp", "Mississippi", "ogr")
  3. Access the layer's features:

    fts = lyr.getFeatures()
  4. Get the boundary feature:

    boundary =
  5. Create the measurement object instance:

    d = QgsDistanceArea()
  6. Pass the polygon list to the measureArea() method:

    m = d.measurePolygon(boundary.geometry().asPolygon()[0])
  7. Convert the measurement from decimal degrees to miles:

    d.convertMeasurement(m, QGis.Degrees, QGis.NauticalMiles, True) 
  8. Verify that your...