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Deleting a vector layer feature

In this recipe, we'll completely remove a feature, including the geometry and attributes, from a layer.

Getting ready

You will need the New York City museums' shapefile used in other recipes, which you can download as a ZIP file from

Extract this shapefile to /qgis_data/nyc.

How to do it...

All we need to do is load the layer and then delete the desired features by ID, using the layer's data provider:

  1. Start QGIS.

  2. From the Plugins menu, select Python Console.

  3. First, load and validate the layer:

    vectorLyr =  QgsVectorLayer('/qgis_data/nyc/NYC_MUSEUMS_GEO.shp', 'Museums' , "ogr")
  4. Next, specify a Python list containing feature IDs. In this case, we have two:

    vectorLyr.dataProvider().deleteFeatures([ 22, 95 ])

How it works...

This operation cannot be simpler or better designed. There are a number of ways in which we can programmatically fill a Python list with feature IDs. For example, we...