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QGIS Python Programming Cookbook

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QGIS Python Programming Cookbook

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QGIS Python Programming Cookbook
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Chapter 4. Using Raster Data

In this chapter, we will cover the following recipes:

  • Loading a raster layer

  • Getting the cell size of a raster layer

  • Obtaining the width and height of a raster

  • Counting raster bands

  • Swapping raster bands

  • Querying the value of a raster at a specified point

  • Reprojecting a raster

  • Creating an elevation hillshade

  • Creating vector contours from elevation data

  • Sampling a raster dataset using a regular grid

  • Adding elevation data to line using a digital elevation model

  • Creating a common extent for rasters

  • Resampling raster resolution

  • Counting the unique values in a raster

  • Mosaicing rasters

  • Converting a TIFF image to a JPEG image

  • Creating pyramids for a raster

  • Converting a pixel location to a map coordinate

  • Converting a map coordinate to a pixel location

  • Creating a KML image overlay for a raster

  • Classifying a raster

  • Converting a raster to a vector

  • Georeferencing a raster from ground control points

  • Clipping a raster using a shapefile