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FuelPHP Application Development Blueprints

By : Sebastien Drouyer
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FuelPHP Application Development Blueprints

By: Sebastien Drouyer

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FuelPHP Application Development Blueprints
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Scaffolding the rest of our project

Now that the post administration panel is working and inside the blog module, it is time to generate our other models.

Scaffolding categories

Let's first take care of the Category model.

Generating files

This step is quite straightforward; as we did previously, we will use the oil command to generate our scaffold:

php oil generate admin/orm category name:string -s

Note that we added the -s (s for skip) parameter, as some files have already been generated previously and we don't want to replace them. This command line should output:

Creating migration: APPPATH/migrations/002_create_categories.php
Creating model: APPPATH/classes/model/category.php
Creating controller: APPPATH/classes/controller/admin/category.php
Creating view: APPPATH/views/admin/category/index.php
Creating view: APPPATH/views/admin/category/view.php
Creating view: APPPATH/views/admin/category/create.php
Creating view: APPPATH/views/admin/category/edit.php
Creating view: APPPATH/views/admin...