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R Object-oriented Programming

By : Kelly Black
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R Object-oriented Programming

By: Kelly Black

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R Object-oriented Programming
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In this chapter, we have explored some of the facilities available to read and write information to a file as well as ways to enter data from the command line. We examined the ways to change between directories and get the directory information.

After examining ways to read data, we explored some of the ways that the information can be displayed. We first examined how to print information on the command line, and we then explored how to save data to a local file. We also explored how the current work space could be saved and recalled for use in a later session.

One important topic explored was how to work with files that do not follow a basic format. We examined the commands necessary to read data, in both text and binary forms where the data file follows a predefined structure.

The final topic explored was how to use network connections to read information. This included the use of a socket connector to allow access to relatively well-structured information. We also explored more primitive...