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Meteor Design Patterns

By : Marcelo Reyna
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Meteor Design Patterns

By: Marcelo Reyna

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External API publishers

These types of publishers should be avoided. They are great to get raw data from external services such as Stripe or Square, but they tend to be little bit slower because this involves actively communicating with another server. When we are integrating with other servers, we should always build a separate synchronization server. We will talk about APIs in another chapter.

Still, this publishing pattern can be useful in edge cases, so it is important to know that this option exists.

The HTTP package

HTTP is a protocol for collaborative systems; it is the protocol that allows users to connect to web pages. The HTTP protocol can be used to access data from other servers from our own server.

We are going to use Meteor's integrated HTTP Request module to communicate with Stripe's servers. We chose to integrate with Stripe because it is a payment processor that is easy to integrate and more reliable than most other payment processors in the market. We have added this package...