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Mastering JavaScript Design Patterns

By : Simon Timms
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Mastering JavaScript Design Patterns

By: Simon Timms

Overview of this book

Table of Contents (5 chapters)

Chapter 1. Designing for Fun and Profit

JavaScript is an evolving language that has come a long way from its inception. Possibly more than any other programming language, it has grown and changed with the growth of the World Wide Web. The exploration of how JavaScript can be written using good design principles is the topic of this book. The preface of this book contains a detailed explanation of the sections of the book.

In the first half of this chapter, we'll explore the history of JavaScript and how it came to be the important language that it is today. As JavaScript has evolved and grown in importance, the need to apply rigorous methods to its construction has also grown. Design patterns can be a very useful tool to assist in developing maintainable code. The second half of the chapter will be dedicated to the theory of design patterns. Finally, we'll look briefly at antipatterns.

The topics covered in this chapter are:

  • The history of JavaScript
  • What is a design pattern?
  • Antipatterns