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DART Essentials

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DART Essentials

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Dart Essentials
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About the Reviewers

Lamoriniere Cedric is a software engineer and a graduate from a French engineering school, who mostly uses C++ during his day job.

His taste for innovation has led him to try out a considerable amount of various web frameworks, technologies, and languages.

Among these languages, he has taken a strong interest in the Dart language for its ease of use and efficiency. It allows developers to get things done in a timely manner.

Rokesh Jankie graduated in 1998 with a master's degree in computer science from Leiden University, the Netherlands. He specialized in algorithms and NP-complete problems. Scheduling problems that can be NP-complete was his area of focus. He started working for the University of Leiden, ORTEC consultants, and Ponte Vecchio, and later, worked for Qualogy. At Qualogy, he used what he had experienced till that point to set up a product. Qualogy works in the field of Oracle and Java technologies. With the current set of technologies, interesting products can be delivered, and this is what QAFE is (refer to for more information).

QAFE Inc. has a very dynamic team, which works in an agile way (going to production weekly, quickly adjusting to market needs, and so on). In the team, they don't distinguish between senior developers and junior developers, but they recruit very good software engineers. This gives a new dynamic to the team and makes it a great experience on a daily basis.

Books that Rokesh has worked on include Dart in Action, Manning Publications, and HTML5 and CSS Responsive Web Design Cookbook and HTML5 Canvas Cookbook, both by Packt Publishing.

Hans Van den Keybus is a Belgium-based Flash, Flex, and Google Dart developer, working for his one-man company called dotdotcommadot.

Although he started off creating simple games and animations for some well-known design companies, he got the most fun out of structuring the code behind it. His main areas of expertise are OOP, design patterns, and microarchitectures.

Currently, he's working on a major project developed in Google Dart for his customers MSC and Maersk.

Whenever he's not programming, Hans is probably playing some sketchy basement with his even sketchier grindcore band.

Frederik Leonhardt is a tech enthusiast and software engineer with more than 5 years of experience in Java, Java EE, and related frameworks. He likes to delve into new technologies, and he started using Dart with its first beta release in 2012.

He likes to contribute to the open source community and is currently working for Catalyst IT, a team of open source technologists. In the past, he has worked as a researcher for the Institute of Information Systems at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, where he published papers on recommender systems and their application in the mobile health domain.

He recently moved to New Zealand and enjoys the relaxed Kiwi lifestyle and the beautiful outdoors, especially for tramping and photography.

Marko Vuksanovic is a consultant who specializes in software development and delivery. He received his master's degree in electrical engineering and computing from the University of Zagreb, Croatia, in 2009. He is currently employed by ThoughtWorks Australia, where he helps deliver outstanding products to clients. He has spent the last 10 years working with web applications, and during this period, he has been involved in numerous open source, as well as closed source, projects. He is very active within the Dart community and used to actively contribute to AngularDart projects. His other interests lie in the information security and machine-learning spaces.

When not providing services to clients, Marko spends time acquiring new skills, breaking things, reverse engineering, or enjoying some time off at one of Australia's beaches or a nearby tennis court.