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Java Hibernate Cookbook

By : Yogesh Prajapati, Vishal Ranapariya
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Java Hibernate Cookbook

By: Yogesh Prajapati, Vishal Ranapariya

Overview of this book

This book will provide a useful hands-on guide to Hibernate to accomplish the development of a real-time Hibernate application. We will start with the basics of Hibernate, which include setting up Hibernate – the pre-requisites and multiple ways of configuring Hibernate using Java. We will then dive deep into the fundamentals of Hibernate such as SessionFactory, session, criteria, working with objects and criteria. This will help a developer have a better understanding of how Hibernate works and what needs to be done to run a Hibernate application. Moving on, we will learn how to work with annotations, associations and collections. In the final chapters, we will see explore querying, advanced Hibernate concepts and integration with other frameworks.
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Java Hibernate Cookbook
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Working with an interceptor

As we know, in the hibernate persistent lifecycle, a particular object travels from state to state, from transient, persistent, to detached. During processing, it may commit or roll back before it reaches the last state. Sometimes, we need to perform some additional tasks such as cleanup, log or some operations on the object between different states of the persistent life cycle. To perform such activities, hibernate provides a useful and pluggable feature called interceptor.

Interceptor, as the name suggests, is used to intercept any operation. Interceptors apply hooks inside the logic. In hibernate, we have some built-in interceptors that help us intercept our logic.

Generally, an interceptor is used to log monitor data that is input and to validate it. You can also change or overwrite it at runtime. Let's take a look at the next example.

Getting ready

In this recipe, we will discuss the use of a basic interceptor and some methods of intercepting. Here, we will try...