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Selenium Testing Tools Cookbook

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Selenium Testing Tools Cookbook

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Overview of this book

This book is an incremental guide that will help you learn and use the advanced features of the Selenium toolset including the WebDriver API in various situations to build a reliable test automation. You start off by setting up the test development environment and gain tips on the advanced locater strategy and the effective use of the Selenium WebDriver API. After that, the use of design patterns such as data - driven tests and PageFactory are demonstrated. You will then be familiarised with extending Selenium WebDriver API by implementing custom tasks and setting up your own distributed environment to run tests in parallel for cross-browser testing. Finally, we give you some tips on integrating Selenium WebDriver with other popular tools and testing mobile applications. By the end of this book, you will have learned enough to solve complex testing issues on your own.
Table of Contents (21 chapters)
Selenium Testing Tools Cookbook Second Edition
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Selenium WebDriver provides a highly flexible and robust API to extend the features and commands and add customization to build a scalable test automation framework. This chapter covers some of the important recipes to extend Selenium WebDriver for various practical scenarios.

In this chapter, we will write Selenium WebDriver extensions that support web tables, object maps, and image comparison features.

We will also build an extension for jQuery UI control. You can use this pattern to implement support for a third-party or the custom controls used in your application by hiding technical details from the tests. This makes test development a lot easier.