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BeagleBone Essentials

By : Rodolfo Giometti
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BeagleBone Essentials

By: Rodolfo Giometti

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BeagleBone Essentials
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Chapter 9. Serial Peripheral Interface – SPI

As we have already seen in the previous chapter, the I2C's similar features exist, and one of them is the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI). However, as opposed to the I2C bus, this bus can transfer data at higher rates than I2C, and since it is full-duplex, the data transfer can take place bidirectionally. Due to these features, the SPI bus is normally used to implement an efficient data stream for multimedia applications (LCDs/video), digital signal processing and/or telecommunications devices (Ethernet, CAN, serial ports, and so on), and SD cards. However, despite this fact, it can be used to communicate with standard sensors, ADC/DAC converters, and other similar devices too.

In order to demonstrate the versatility of the SPI bus, in this chapter, we're going to present a simple temperature sensor management using a thermocouple sensor and a more complex device, such as a mini LCD display.