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BeagleBone Essentials

By : Rodolfo Giometti
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BeagleBone Essentials

By: Rodolfo Giometti

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BeagleBone Essentials
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Getting access to the SPI devices

As already stated in the previous section, there exist several SPI slaves, and since we have to choose one of them to present here, I decided to show you how to manage an LCD display.

I'm going to use the following tiny LCD display, which can be used in simple applications, because it's cheap and well supported by the BeagleBone Black's kernel:


The device can be purchased at (or by surfing the Internet)

First of all, we must do the electrical connections, so in the following table, I have reported the correspondence between the BeagleBone Black's pins and the LCD pins:

BeagleBone Black pins – label

LCD pins – label

P9.4 – VCC

9 – VCC

P9.29 – MISO

Not connected

P9.30 – MOSI

4 – MOSI

P9.31 – SCLK

3 – SCK

P9.28 – SS0

5 – TFT_CS


7 – D/C




1 – LITE

P9.2 – GND

10 – GND

You can note that we used the SPI dedicated pins, plus some GPIOs lines. This configuration...