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Selenium Essentials

By : Prashanth Sams
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Selenium Essentials

By: Prashanth Sams

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WebElement functions

WebElement is an HTML element that helps the users to drive automation tests. Selenium WebDriver provides well-organized web page interactions through WebElements, such as locating elements, getting attribute properties, asserting text present in WebElement, and more. However, to interact with hidden elements in a web page, it is necessary to unhide the hidden elements first. Let's discuss Selenium WebElement functions further:

  • getText(): This function delivers the innerText attribute of WebElement. The following is the syntax for this function:


    The following is an example on the Google page that returns the innerText attribute of a Google search button using the getText() function:


    JavaScriptExecutor is a Selenium interface to execute JavaScripts that returns the innerText attribute of a hidden element. It is important...