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Selenium Essentials

By : Prashanth Sams
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Selenium Essentials

By: Prashanth Sams

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Select functions

A Select function allows you select or deselect values from a drop-down box or a radio button. It includes a list of Selenium API methods to work with select boxes that contain the <select></select> tags. These functions interact with the UI comboboxes to select options.

Select select = new Select(driver.findElement(By.locatorType("path")));

Some helpful snippets using select functions are given below:

  • The selectByIndex(index) method selects an option using the index value. The following is the syntax for this function:


    Let's get into the bookstore and select a product from a drop-down list. Here, we select the products at the top of the options list using the selectByTndex() method:

    Select select = new Select(driver.findElement("quick-search-1-category")));
  • The selectByValue(value) method selects an option using value in the string format...