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Selenium Essentials

By : Prashanth Sams
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Selenium Essentials

By: Prashanth Sams

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Handling iframes

A web page can have any number of iframes (inline frames) to represent new pages inside a main page. They can be either multiple iframes or nested iframes. The iframes are indicated with an iframe tag, such as <iframe>...</iframe>.

It's easy to handle iframes when a user discovers all the iframes available in a web page. Google Chrome's Developer debugging tool is used to check the availability of iframes. The following figure is an example of nested iframes:

To handle iframes, it's important to switch into and move out of an iframe to the main frame. The following is the syntax for switching iframes:


The following code snippet is a real-time example of switching iframes to locate elements.


To access an iframe located outside the present iframe, it is essential to terminate the current iframe. Closing an iframe lets you move from the current iframe to the main...