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Selenium Essentials

By : Prashanth Sams
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Selenium Essentials

By: Prashanth Sams

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JXL API Data-Driven framework

Data-Driven testing is a software-testing methodology, which is an iterative process to assert the actual value with the expected value that fetches test input data from an external or internal data source. Data-Driven tests are generally carried out with bulk input data.

Java Excel API is termed the JXL API. It is the most widely used API for executing Selenium Data-Driven tests that allows the user to read, write, create, and modify sheets in an Excel Binary (.xls) workbook at runtime. JXL API has no support for SpreadsheetML (.xlsx) workbooks.

Reading and writing in an Excel sheet

The API reads data from Excel Binary workbooks with versions Excel 95, 97, 2000, XP, and 2003. The following snippet tells you how to read an Excel Binary workbook:

FileInputStream fi = new FileInputStream("C:\\...\inputdata.xls");
Workbook wb = Workbook.getWorkbook(fi);
Sheet ws = wb.getSheet(0);
String a[][] = new String[ws.getRows()][ws.getColumns()];

for (int rowCnt = 1; rowCnt...