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Working with Odoo

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Working with Odoo

Overview of this book

With this practical guide, you will cover the essential modules to get Odoo up and running for your company. After installing Odoo, you will use its sales management application to enter quotes, create sales orders, and invoice customers. You will then learn how to integrate the CRM application to manage your leads and convert them into lucrative opportunities and sales. Next, you will set up your own purchase management system, assigning products to suppliers and tracking orders with the new warehouse management and routing system. Finally, you will learn how to use analytics to track project expenses and keep your accounts simple and easy to maintain and build an Odoo module to extend its functionality and make it work for you. Working with Odoo covers all the core installation and usage functionalities of this popular tool, helping you to fully implement a working ERP system through practical, advanced, real-world examples.
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Working with Odoo
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Creating a new database in Odoo

If you have installed Odoo on your own server, you will first need to create a database. As you add additional applications to Odoo, the necessary tables and fields will be added to the database you specify.


Odoo online

If you are using Odoo online, you will not have access to create a new database and instead will use Odoo's one click application installer to manage your Odoo installation.

If you have just installed a fresh copy of Odoo, you will be prompted automatically to create a new Odoo database:

In the preceding screenshot, you can see the Odoo form to create a new database.

Odoo provides basic instructions for creating your database. Let's quickly review the fields and how they are used.

Specifying the master password

The master password is set in the Odoo configuration file. In this form, you are not setting the master password. Instead, you are supplying the master password so that Odoo can be sure you are authorized to create databases. If you enter...