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Salesforce Reporting and Dashboards

By : Johan Yu
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Salesforce Reporting and Dashboards

By: Johan Yu

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Salesforce Reporting and Dashboards
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Folder permissions

When Enhanced Folder Sharing is disabled, there is only one permission available related to the report folder—Manage Public Reports. Once this is enabled, you will see it leading to:

  • Create Report Folders

  • Edit My Reports

  • Manage Reports in Public Folders

  • View Reports in Public Folders

Manage Public Reports

Run Reports and Create and Customize Reports permissions are required to enable the Manage Public Reports permission. When this permission is enabled from Profile or Permission Set, users are able to create a new report folder and edit the report folder visible to them. However, only users with the View All Data permission can see and edit all public folders.

Create Report Folders

The Create Report Folders permission gives users the ability to create new report folders. The Create and Customize Reports permission is required to enable this permission. When this permission is enabled, once you click on the Reports tab, you will see a folder icon next to the All Folders area....