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Salesforce Reporting and Dashboards

By : Johan Yu
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Salesforce Reporting and Dashboards

By: Johan Yu

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Salesforce Reporting and Dashboards
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Selecting the report format

Each Salesforce report is constructed with a report format. The report format will determine the report layout, options, and settings for the report.

There are a few types of report formats in Salesforce, from the simplest tabular report to the complex matrix and joined reports. Each report format has a different usage and purpose.

Choosing a report format

When you create a new report, tabular is the default report format selected. You will be able to modify the report format anytime, even after you save the report, but you may lose some of the settings, depending on the original and target report formats.

There are four report formats available:

  • Tabular

  • Summary

  • Matrix

  • Joined

Let's understand them individually.

Tabular report format

The tabular report is the default report format when you create a new report. This format is considered the simplest; it presents data in a manner similar to that of a spreadsheet. Data will be present in the row-and-column format. Each row represents...