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Salesforce Reporting and Dashboards

By : Johan Yu
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Salesforce Reporting and Dashboards

By: Johan Yu

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Salesforce Reporting and Dashboards
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Selecting features

We have seen many features in Salesforce related to accessing historical data, and we also discussed each of them in detail. But how should we select which features that suit our needs?

You may implement more than one feature as a solution. Let's take a few use cases to decide which features to choose.

The first use case will be for showing the history of change of the account owner in the account page layout.

For this use case, we can implement field history tracking on Account Owner. Enable tracking account history and select Account Owner. Ensure that the list related to Account History is added to the account page layout. Once this is enabled, when someone changes Account Owner, the old and the new account owners will be seen, including information of when the change happened and the user who made the change.

Let's see the second use case. Continuing the first use case, we would like to extend tracking to Chatter feeds.

You can enable feed tracking to track the same fields...