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Elixir Cookbook

By : Paulo Pereira
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Elixir Cookbook

By: Paulo Pereira

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Elixir Cookbook
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Creating custom Mix tasks

Sometimes, the existing Mix tasks just aren't enough. Fortunately, Mix allows the creation of customized tasks that integrate as if they were shipped with Mix itself. In this recipe, we will create a custom Mix task that will print the Erlang VM memory status.

How to do it…

The steps required to create a custom task are as follows:

  1. Create a new file, meminfo.ex, that defines the Meminfo module inside Mix.Tasks:

    defmodule Mix.Tasks.Meminfo do
      use Mix.Task
  2. Add the new task description to be displayed when mix help is invoked:

    @shortdoc "Get Erlang VM memory usage information"
  3. Add the new task module documentation:

    @moduledoc """
      A mix custom task that outputs some information regarding 
      the Erlang VM memory usage
  4. Create a run/1 function:

    def run(_) do
      meminfo = :erlang.memory
      IO.puts """
      Total            #{meminfo[:total]}
      Processes        #{meminfo[:processes]}
      Processes (used) #{meminfo[:processes_used]}
      System           #{meminfo[:system]}
      Atom             #{meminfo[:atom]}
      Atom (used)      #{meminfo[:atom_used]}
      Binary           #{meminfo[:binary]}
      Code             #{meminfo[:code]}
      ETS              #{meminfo[:ets]}
  5. Compile the code using the Elixir compiler, elixirc:

    elixirc meminfo.ex

    No message should appear but a file named Elixir.Mix.Tasks.Meminfo.beam is created.

  6. Run mix help to see the new task listed and its short description:

    > mix help
    mix               # Run the default task (current: mix run)
    mix archive       # List all archives
    mix meminfo     # Get Erlang VM memory usage information
    mix new           # Create a new Elixir project
    mix run           # Run the given file or expression
    mix test          # Run a project's tests
    iex -S mix        # Start IEx and run the default task
  7. Execute the custom task:

    > mix meminfo
    Total            17692216
    Processes        4778984
    Processes (used) 4777656
    System           12913232
    Atom             339441
    Atom (used)      321302
    Binary           14152
    Code             8136817
    ETS              452832

How it works…

Mix tasks are just modules that are declared as Mix.Tasks.<MODULENAME> with a run function defined.

In meminfo.ex, we use the Mix.Task module by declaring use Mix.Task. The use directive allows us to use a given module in the current context.

The @shortdoc attribute allows us to define a short description to display when some help on Mix or the mix.task is displayed.

The run/1 function is the place where all of the task's work is done. In this particular case, we use an Erlang function to return a keyword list with several entries, and print them for the user in a formatted way.