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Elixir Cookbook

By : Paulo Pereira
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Elixir Cookbook

By: Paulo Pereira

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Elixir Cookbook
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Making code run on all available CPUs

You may wonder, given the name of the recipe, whether there is some special form of coding that allows Elixir to take advantage of all available processors in a machine. There isn't!

The Erlang VM, which is the VM where our Elixir programs run, takes care of it for us. It has a scheduler that is responsible for assigning computations to each of the available processors.

Getting ready

In this recipe, we will be starting the IEx session with different options regarding the scheduler, and we will run a small program that will spawn four calculations.

We will execute the program in an IEx session with the default options for the scheduler (usually one scheduler per CPU), and we will then repeat the execution in a shell started with only one enabled scheduler.

To start, we need to get into the directory where the multiple_calculations.ex module is located.

How to do it…

Follow these steps to see how the Erlang VM scheduler takes care of distributing computations...