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Elixir Cookbook

By : Paulo Pereira
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Elixir Cookbook

By: Paulo Pereira

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Elixir Cookbook
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Using agents as an abstraction around states

The Agent module provides a basic server implementation and is a convenient way to spawn a process that needs to maintain a state. Agents in Elixir provide an intuitive API to update and retrieve the state.

In this recipe, we will create a module, phone_book.ex, where we will be able to store and retrieve data.

How to do it…

To create our phone book using an agent to maintain states, follow these steps:

  1. Open your code editor and create a file named phone_book.ex.

  2. Add the following code to the file you created:

    defmodule PhoneBook do
      @name __MODULE__
      def start_link do
        Agent.start_link(fn -> %{} end, name: @name)
      def insert(user, number) do
        Agent.update(@name, &Map.put(&1, user, number))
      def get(user) do
        Agent.get(@name, &Map.get(&1, user))
  3. Start IEx and load the module:

    > iex phone_book.ex
  4. Start the process that will hold our phone book data:

    iex(1)> PhoneBook.start_link
    {:ok, #PID...