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JavaFX Essentials

By : Mohamed Taman, Mohamed Taman
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JavaFX Essentials

By: Mohamed Taman, Mohamed Taman

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JavaFX Essentials
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Monitoring and Controlling Arduino with JavaFX

Chapter 8. Interactive Leap Motion Apps with JavaFX

Now we have come to the most exciting part of the book, where we will dive into the new touchless era of computer-human interaction through body language translated into commands to control surrounding objects and computers.

Every day we notice the rise of input interfaces that are less mouse-centric and more in favor of touchless input. Gestures are one of the ways humans can communicate with machines naturally these days.

For decades, motion controls have held a persistent place in our visions of the future. We've watched the super heroes, mad scientists, and space cowboys of popular media control digital experiences with just a wave of their hands.

Tom Cruise does his computing by gesturing

We've been captivated by these powerful, natural, and intuitive interactions—imagining what it would be like to have that power at our own fingertips. For example, Star Trek's Holodeck and Minority Report's pre-crime visioning computers. Do you remember...