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JavaFX Essentials

By : Mohamed Taman, Mohamed Taman
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JavaFX Essentials

By: Mohamed Taman, Mohamed Taman

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JavaFX Essentials
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Monitoring and Controlling Arduino with JavaFX

The Leap JavaFX application

Like you, I can't wait to start the development process, and now you will learn how to interact touchlessly with a JavaFX 8 3D-based application connected to a Leap motion device.

Given that the 3D API has not so far been covered in this book, this is good opportunity to briefly describe the 3D API and bring Leap Motion v2 skeletal modeling (hand in 3D) with some 3D interaction into our JavaFX application.

The Leap Motion API v2.0 introduces a new skeletal tracking model that provides additional information about hands and fingers, predicts the positions of fingers and hands that are not clearly in view, and also improves overall tracking data. For more information on the API, visit

We are going to build and show how the new skeletal model from Leap Motion v2 can be easily integrated into a JavaFX 3D scene. We will use the predefined 3D shapes API provided by JavaFX...