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JavaFX Essentials

By : Mohamed Taman, Mohamed Taman
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JavaFX Essentials

By: Mohamed Taman, Mohamed Taman

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JavaFX Essentials
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Monitoring and Controlling Arduino with JavaFX

Appendix A. Become a JavaFX Guru

Will your JavaFX 8 journey stop here? Definitely not! JavaFX is a very big topic, which grows day by day, from its core releases from Oracle with new features, functionalities, and stability, to many community individuals and companies that create third-party libraries to fill any missing gaps you may experience, or invent new ones around it, that don't exist in the core.

Of course, with this book, I cannot cover all JavaFX 8 topics. Instead, I tried to scratch the surface of many JavaFX areas, and open topics keys in order to make your adventure easier, by finding your way and getting an idea of how to do it yourself.

However, we also discussed many other tools and technologies, by developing traditional web and desktop applications, and then moved to a more advanced and market demanding area, which is mobile development.

The more we explore the future by learning about IoT, which is the next era of information technology, the more we cover interesting topics. We have seen motion many times in movies and have imagined it, and we have made our dreams come true by developing an enhanced touch-less based JavaFX 8 with an amazing Leap Motion v2 gadget.

There is much more to become a JavaFX subject matter and gaining other experiences, which we did not discuss in this book.

So, where do we go from here?

Now, since you have many up and running JavaFX 8 applications, and an understanding of how it works on many platforms and hardware, the rest is up to you and your ingenuity.

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At the end of this chapter, be sure to check out the many frameworks, libraries, and projects that use JavaFX in production today.