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Git Essentials

By : Ferdinando Santacroce
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Git Essentials

By: Ferdinando Santacroce

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Taking another way – Git branching

Now, it's time to introduce one of the most used features of a versioning system: branching. This is a thing that you will use extensively and a thing that Git does well.

Anatomy of branches

A branch is essentially another way your repository takes. While programming, you will use branches to experiment with changes, without breaking the working code. You will use them to keep track of some extensive work, such as the development of a new feature, to maintain different versions or releases of your project. To put it simply, you will use it always.

When in a Git repository, you are always in a branch. If you pay attention to the Bash shell, you can easily find the branch that you are on at the moment. It is always at the prompt, within brackets, as shown here:

The master branch is, conventionally, the default branch. When you do your first commit in a brand new repo, you actually do the first commit in the master branch.

During the course of the book, you will...