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Git Essentials

By : Ferdinando Santacroce
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Git Essentials

By: Ferdinando Santacroce

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Adopting a workflow – a wise act

Now that you learned how to perform good commits, it's time to fly higher and think about workflows. Git is a tool for versioning, but as with other powerful tools, like knives, you can cut tasty sashimi or relieve yourself of some fingers.

The things that separate a great repository from a junkyard are the way you manage releases, the way you react when there is a bug to fix in a particular version of your software, and the way you act when you have to make users beta-test the incoming features.

These kinds of actions belong to ordinary administration for a modern software project. However, very often, I still see teams get out of breath because of the poor versioning workflows.

In this second part of the chapter, we will take a quick look at some of the common workflows alongside the Git versioning system.

Centralized workflows

As we used to do in other VCSes, such as Subversion and so on, even in Git, it is common to adopt a centralized way of work. If you...