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Git Essentials

By : Ferdinando Santacroce
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Git Essentials

By: Ferdinando Santacroce

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Fabrizio Donina is 34 years old. For 14 years, he worked at a steel plant. He has been involved in the management of industrial automation systems. He first gained experience on platforms, such as Siemens SCADA Cube, Access Database, and Oracle 8i. In recent years, he has had the opportunity to use different development environments, such as SCADA, FactoryTalk by Rockwell, iFix, and WinCC flexible by Siemens. Currently, he's programming PLC Siemens S7 300/400, performing diagnostics and fault searches. Over the years, he has been able to develop software with the help of VB6.0 and Oracle Forms and interface Oracle - > SAP, by implementing Oracle stored procedures for exchanging data. In recent years, he started programming the MES system, which is now in operation at the plant he's working in.

This is the first time he's been asked to review a book. So far, he's always read manuals that have already been published.

Giovanni Giorgi is an IT professional with a strong cultural background, and is currently living in Milan, Italy.

Giovanni works for NTT Data and is involved in the IT banking and financial sectors; he's had more then 15 years of experience in Java-based solutions.

Born in 1974, he grew up with Mazinga Z, Daitarn 3, and 8-bit computers by Commodore.

In college, he studied Latin and Greek, along with Turbo Pascal and C programming language as a hobby.

He then started university in September 1993. After one year, he fell in love with the GNU open source philosophy and the Emacs text editor.

Giovanni got a master's degree in information technology from DSI in Milan, Italy, in 2000, and specialized in UML and design pattern integration.

He currently write articles on his blog, which can be found at, and you can also find a list of his projects at

Giovanni Toraldo started to experiment with Linux and other free software during his early years at school, and he maintained the official Italian support site of PHP-Fusion. After a few unsatisfactory years at the university, he decided to start working as a system administrator and web developer. Now, after having authored a book on OpenNebula, which was released in mid 2012, he works as lead developer for a promising Cloud application marketplace start-up based in Pisa, Italy.