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Akka Cookbook

By : Vivek Mishra, Héctor Veiga Ortiz
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Akka Cookbook

By: Vivek Mishra, Héctor Veiga Ortiz

Overview of this book

Akka is an open source toolkit that simplifies the construction of distributed and concurrent applications on the JVM. This book will teach you how to develop reactive applications in Scala using the Akka framework. This book will show you how to build concurrent, scalable, and reactive applications in Akka. You will see how to create high performance applications, extend applications, build microservices with Lagom, and more. We will explore Akka's actor model and show you how to incorporate concurrency into your applications. The book puts a special emphasis on performance improvement and how to make an application available for users. We also make a special mention of message routing and construction. By the end of this book, you will be able to create a high-performing Scala application using the Akka framework.
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Processing RabbitMQ messages with Akka streams

Messaging brokers have become the central piece of many distributed and real-time systems. RabbitMQ is one of most commonly used brokers nowadays. It is an open source Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) and Message Queue Telemetry Transport (MQTT) broker that provides a clustered high-availability solution to decouple applications using the publisher-subscriber pattern.

In this recipe, we will see how to consume AMQP messages from a RabbitMQ queue into your stream. Once consumed, we will transform the message and publish it back to RabbitMQ. To achieve this, we are going to use the AMQP module from Alpakka. Alpakka is a community-driven repository that provides useful Akka Streams stages for the most common protocols and formats. For example, there are connectors for Amazon S3, Amazon SQS, JMS, Cassandra, and many others.


To check all the available Alpakka modules, visit their GitHub repository at