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QGIS Blueprints

By : Ben Mearns
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QGIS Blueprints

By: Ben Mearns

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QGIS Blueprints
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Interpolated model values

In this section, we will cover the creation of new statewide, point-based vulnerability index data from our limited weather station data obtained from the MySQL database mentioned before.

Python for workflow automation

With Python's large and growing number of wrappers, which allow independent (often C written and compiled) libraries to be called directly into Python, it is the natural choice to communicate with other software. Apart from direct API and library use, Python also provides access to system automation tasks.

Knowing your environment

A deceptively simple challenge in developing with Python is of knowing which paths and dependencies are loaded into your development environment.

To print your paths, type out the following in the QGIS Python Console (navigate to Plugins | Python Console) or the OSGeo4W Shell bundled with QGIS:

import os
  user_paths = os.environ['PYTHONPATH'].split(os.pathsep)
except KeyError:
  user_paths = []
print user_paths

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