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Learning Object-Oriented Programming

By : Gaston C. Hillar
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Learning Object-Oriented Programming

By: Gaston C. Hillar

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Learning Object-Oriented Programming
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Using classes to abstract behavior

So far, we have been creating classes on Python and C# to generate blueprints for real-life objects. In JavaScript we have been using constructor functions to achieve the same goal. Now it is time to take advantage of more advanced features of object-oriented programming and start designing a hierarchy of classes instead of working with isolated classes. Based on our requirements we will first design all the classes that we need. Then we will use all the features available in each of the covered programming languages to code the design.

We worked with dogs, cats, and some of their breeds. Now let's imagine that we have to work with a more complex solution that requires us to work with hundreds of breeds. In addition, we already know that our application will start working with domestic cats and dogs, but in the future it will be necessary to work with other members of the cat family, other mammals, other domestic mammals, reptiles, and birds. Thus, our object...