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Learning Salesforce Visual Workflow

By : Rakesh Gupta
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Learning Salesforce Visual Workflow

By: Rakesh Gupta

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Learning Salesforce Visual Workflow
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Creating a Text Template

A Text Template is used to create text to be used in your Flow. It also allows you to use HTML tags in it; this means that, along with plain text, we can also create colorful text, tables, and so on. For example, by using this, we can create an e-mail template and use it to send e-mails to people who submitted their feedback on the survey form, Displaying feedback form based on age, that we created in Chapter 2, Creating Flow through Point and Click.

A business scenario: Joe Thompson is working as a system administrator in Universal Container. His next assignment is to create a Flow and add the customer details in a table on the screen. Now he is looking for a way in which he can create a colorful table (2 x 2 to display first name and last name) and add it to the screen.

To add a Text Template to your Flow, follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to Setup | Build | Create | Workflow & Approvals | Flows.

  2. Click on the New Flow button; it will open the Flow canvas.

  3. Then...