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Entity Framework Core Cookbook - Second Edition

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Entity Framework Core Cookbook - Second Edition

Overview of this book

Entity Framework is a highly recommended Object Relation Mapping tool used to build complex systems. In order to survive in this growing market, the knowledge of a framework that helps provide easy access to databases, that is, Entity Framework has become a necessity. This book will provide .NET developers with this knowledge and guide them through working efficiently with data using Entity Framework Core. You will start off by learning how to efficiently use Entity Framework in practical situations. You will gain a deep understanding of mapping properties and find out how to handle validation in Entity Framework. The book will then explain how to work with transactions and stored procedures along with improving Entity Framework using query libraries. Moving on, you will learn to improve complex query scenarios and implement transaction and concurrency control. You will then be taught to improve and develop Entity Framework in complex business scenarios. With the concluding chapter on performance and scalability, this book will get you ready to use Entity Framework proficiently.
Table of Contents (15 chapters)
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Entity Framework Core Cookbook - Second Edition
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Implementing optimistic concurrency in a database-agnostic way

In the previous chapter, we saw how to use a SQL Server-specific solution to a common problem in database development—implementing optimistic concurrency control. This time, we will see how we can extend it to other databases, and to more than one columns.

Getting ready

We will be using the NuGet Package Manager to install Entity Framework Core 1 package, Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore. We will also be using a SQL Server database for storing the data, so we will also need Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer.

Finally, xunit is the package we will be using for the unit tests and dotnet-text-xunit adds tooling support for Visual Studio. Notice that the UnitTests project is a .NET Core App 1.0 (netcoreapp1.0), that Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Design is configured as a build dependency and Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Tools is set as a tool.

Open Using EF Core Solution from the included source code examples.

Execute the database...

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