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Expert Delphi

By : Paweł Głowacki
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Expert Delphi

By: Paweł Głowacki

Overview of this book

Delphi is the most powerful Object Pascal IDE and component library for cross-platform native app development. It enables building natively compiled, blazingly fast apps for all major platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. If you want to build server-side applications, create web services, and have clear GUIs for your project, then this book is for you. The book begins with a basic primer on Delphi helping you get accustomed to the IDE and the Object Pascal language and will then quickly move on to advanced-level concepts. Through this book, we’ll help you understand the architecture of applications and will teach you the important concepts of the FireMonkey library, show you how to build server-side services, and enable you to interact with the Internet of Things. Towards the end, you will learn to integrate your app with various web services and deploy them. By the end of the book, you will be able to build powerful, cross-platform, native apps for iOS and Android with a single code base.
Table of Contents (14 chapters)

Using Context3D

Similarly to FireMonkey 2D architecture, there are two possible approaches to 3D rendering. We can render in code or use reusable components. The first path is what is used by many other programming languages and development environments. The more complex and sophisticated our 3D visualization, the more complex our 3D rendering code becomes. Using Rapid Application Development (RAD) with components very quickly pays off as we typically do not need to write too much code to build a great user experience with interactive 3D worlds.

The main interface for calling into 3D APIs in a cross-platform way in FireMonkey is the TContext3D class. Let's build a simple project that is going to use the TContext3D class directly in code.

Create a new Delphi multi-device project and make sure to select 3D Application as the application template.

Save the main form unit...