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React Design Patterns and Best Practices

By : Michele Bertoli
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React Design Patterns and Best Practices

By: Michele Bertoli

Overview of this book

Taking a complete journey through the most valuable design patterns in React, this book demonstrates how to apply design patterns and best practices in real-life situations, whether that’s for new or already existing projects. It will help you to make your applications more flexible, perform better, and easier to maintain – giving your workflow a huge boost when it comes to speed without reducing quality. We’ll begin by understanding the internals of React before gradually moving on to writing clean and maintainable code. We’ll build components that are reusable across the application, structure applications, and create forms that actually work. Then we’ll style React components and optimize them to make applications faster and more responsive. Finally, we’ll write tests effectively and you’ll learn how to contribute to React and its ecosystem. By the end of the book, you’ll be saved from a lot of trial and error and developmental headaches, and you will be on the road to becoming a React expert.
Table of Contents (19 chapters)
React Design Patterns and Best Practices
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The benefits of testing

Testing web UIs has always been a hard job. From unit to end-to-end tests, the fact that the interfaces depend on browsers, user interactions, and many other variables makes it difficult to implement an effective testing strategy.

If you've ever tried to write end-to-end tests for the Web, you'll know how complex it is to get consistent results and how the results are often affected by false negatives due to different factors, such as the network. Other than that, user interfaces are frequently updated to improve experience, maximize conversions, or simply add new features.

If tests are hard to write and maintain, developers are less prone to cover their applications. On the other hand, tests are pretty important because they make developers more confident with their code, which is reflected in speed and quality. If a piece of code is well-tested (and tests are well-written) developers can be sure that it works and is ready to ship. Similarly, thanks to tests, it becomes...