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Rust Programming By Example

By : Guillaume Gomez, Antoni Boucher
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Rust Programming By Example

By: Guillaume Gomez, Antoni Boucher

Overview of this book

Rust is an open source, safe, concurrent, practical language created by Mozilla. It runs blazingly fast, prevents segfaults, and guarantees safety. This book gets you started with essential software development by guiding you through the different aspects of Rust programming. With this approach, you can bridge the gap between learning and implementing immediately. Beginning with an introduction to Rust, you’ll learn the basic aspects such as its syntax, data types, functions, generics, control flows, and more. After this, you’ll jump straight into building your first project, a Tetris game. Next you’ll build a graphical music player and work with fast, reliable networking software using Tokio, the scalable and productive asynchronous IO Rust library. Over the course of this book, you’ll explore various features of Rust Programming including its SDL features, event loop, File I/O, and the famous GTK+ widget toolkit. Through these projects, you’ll see how well Rust performs in terms of concurrency—including parallelism, reliability, improved performance, generics, macros, and thread safety. We’ll also cover some asynchronous and reactive programming aspects of Rust. By the end of the book, you’ll be comfortable building various real-world applications in Rust.
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About the authors

Guillaume Gomez is an open source lover (let's keep this simple). He's a reviewer for the Rust language and a member of the GNOME organization. Guillaume lives in Paris, France.

I would like to thank Sebastian Dröge for his review of the book. He did an amazing job in helping us improve the book.





Antoni Boucher has been enjoying programming for 10 years, especially functional and system programming. He works in the ad tech industry and strives to improve the performance and reliability of software. He contributes to multiple open source projects and is interested in system programming and compilers. Antoni lives in Montreal, Canada.

About the reviewers

Sebastian Dröge is a free software developer, currently working for Centricular Ltd. His main involvement is with the GStreamer project, a cross-platform multimedia framework. He also contributes to various other projects, such as Debian, GNOME, Rust, and WebKit. He works as a contractor on free software.

Thanks to the authors for making the Rust programming language accessible to more people with this book and for offering me to review this book, and to the Rust team for creating such a useful and usable language with great documentation.





Daniel Durante is an avid coffee drinker/roaster, motorcyclist, archer, welder, and carpenter whenever he isn't programming. From the age of 12, he has been involved with web and embedded programming with PHP, Node.js, Golang, Rust, and C.

He has worked on text-based browser games that have reached over 1,000,000 active players and created bin-packing software for CNC machines. He loves working with embedded programming with cortex-m and PIC circuits, high-frequency trading applications, and he has helped contribute to one of the oldest ORMs of Node.js (SequelizeJS).

I would like to thank my parents, my brother, and friends who've all put up with my insanity sitting in front of a computer day in and day out. I would not be here today if it wasn't for their patience, guidance, and love.




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