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Reactive Programming in Kotlin

By : Rivu Chakraborty
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Reactive Programming in Kotlin

By: Rivu Chakraborty

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In today's app-driven era, when programs are asynchronous, and responsiveness is so vital, reactive programming can help you write code that's more reliable, easier to scale, and better-performing. Reactive programming is revolutionary. With this practical book, Kotlin developers will first learn how to view problems in the reactive way, and then build programs that leverage the best features of this exciting new programming paradigm. You will begin with the general concepts of Reactive programming and then gradually move on to working with asynchronous data streams. You will dive into advanced techniques such as manipulating time in data-flow, customizing operators and provider and how to use the concurrency model to control asynchronicity of code and process event handlers effectively. You will then be introduced to functional reactive programming and will learn to apply FRP in practical use cases in Kotlin. This book will also take you one step forward by introducing you to Spring 5 and Spring Boot 2 using Kotlin. By the end of the book, you will be able to build real-world applications with reactive user interfaces as well as you'll learn to implement reactive programming paradigms in Android.
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Alexander Hanschke is CTO at techdev Solutions GmbH, a technology company located in Berlin. He worked on various Java-based projects in the financial industry for 8 years, before turning to Kotlin in 2016. Since then, he has been applying Kotlin to all kinds of projects, including Alexa skills, blockchain clients, and Spring-based applications. He frequently speaks at technology meetups and occasionally writes articles about various aspects of the Kotlin programming language.






Ravindra Kumar is an Android developer and Computer Polyglot from Bengaluru, India. He is an Android + WEB lover, speaker, start-up geek, and open source junkie.

He is working as an Android developer at Fueled. Previously, he used to work with Cleartrip, as the lead developer of’s Android App. He likes open source projects. He is a huge fan of fancy Android libraries out there, and he contributes to bug reporting, fixing, and feedbacks. He has given talks at DroidCon, TiConf, and JSFOO.

Ravindra started as a web engineer who used to write lots of JavaScript, but, after some time, looking for his real passion, he started his journey in mobile app development through Titanium, where, later, he discovered the Android world. After getting some experience on such an awesome platform, he started a new adventure at a mobile company, where he led several projects for important Indian companies.

He has a strong interest in code quality, testing, and automation—preferably all three together. Combining technical skills with soft skills, he also ventures into the realms of mentoring and article writing. He hates doing things manually and hates to see src/test/java directories with Empty Example classes. He believes that by working with legacy code, and improving it, he can make the world a better place. To his disappointment, the world does not seem to care all that much about his efforts.

He is a pretty normal person—a husband and father of one who loves cricket. Follow him on Twitter at @ravidsrk or email him at [email protected].