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Building Enterprise JavaScript Applications

By : Daniel Li
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Building Enterprise JavaScript Applications

By: Daniel Li

Overview of this book

With the over-abundance of tools in the JavaScript ecosystem, it's easy to feel lost. Build tools, package managers, loaders, bundlers, linters, compilers, transpilers, typecheckers - how do you make sense of it all? In this book, we will build a simple API and React application from scratch. We begin by setting up our development environment using Git, yarn, Babel, and ESLint. Then, we will use Express, Elasticsearch and JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) to build a stateless API service. For the front-end, we will use React, Redux, and Webpack. A central theme in the book is maintaining code quality. As such, we will enforce a Test-Driven Development (TDD) process using Selenium, Cucumber, Mocha, Sinon, and Istanbul. As we progress through the book, the focus will shift towards automation and infrastructure. You will learn to work with Continuous Integration (CI) servers like Jenkins, deploying services inside Docker containers, and run them on Kubernetes. By following this book, you would gain the skills needed to build robust, production-ready applications.
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About the author

Daniel Li is a full-stack JavaScript developer at Nexmo. Previously, he was also the Managing Director of Brew, a digital agency in Hong Kong that specializes in MeteorJS.

A proponent of knowledge-sharing and open source, Daniel has written over 100 blog posts and in-depth tutorials, helping hundreds of thousands of readers navigate the world of JavaScript and the web.

Many thanks to my colleagues and the open-source community, for helping, teaching and challenging me.To my editors, Shweta Pant, Mohammed Yusuf Imaratwale, Flavian Vaz and Diksha Wakode, for your hard work.To my friends Bruno Fernandes and Phương Khưu, for their invaluable feedback.In particular, I'd like to thank Maria Papadopoulou, my friend and colleague, who encouraged me throughout the entire process. She also drew most of the illustrations for this book in her spare time, often working well into the morning.But above all, to my mother, Anna. I am where I am today because of you.



About the reviewer

Federico Kereki is a Uruguayan systems engineer with a master's degree in education, and over 30 years' experience as a consultant, developer, professor, and writer.

He is a subject matter expert at Globant, and he has taught at Universidad de la República, Universidad ORT, and Universidad de la Empresa. He has written several articles for magazines and websites, a pair of booklets on computer security, and two books, Essential GWT andMastering JavaScript Functional Programming.

He's currently writing a new book on JavaScript development for Packt Publishing.






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