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Python GUI programming with Tkinter

By : Alan D. Moore
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Python GUI programming with Tkinter

By: Alan D. Moore

Overview of this book

Tkinter is a lightweight, portable, and easy-to-use graphical toolkit available in the Python Standard Library, widely used to build Python GUIs due to its simplicity and availability. This book teaches you to design and build graphical user interfaces that are functional, appealing, and user-friendly using the powerful combination of Python and Tkinter. After being introduced to Tkinter, you will be guided step-by-step through the application development process. Over the course of the book, your application will evolve from a simple data-entry form to a complex data management and visualization tool while maintaining a clean and robust design. In addition to building the GUI, you'll learn how to connect to external databases and network resources, test your code to avoid errors, and maximize performance using asynchronous programming. You'll make the most of Tkinter's cross-platform availability by learning how to maintain compatibility, mimic platform-native look and feel, and build executables for deployment across popular computing platforms. By the end of this book, you will have the skills and confidence to design and build powerful high-end GUI applications to solve real-world problems.
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About the author

Alan D. Moore is a data analyst and software developer who has been solving problems with Python since 2006. He's developed both open source and private code using frameworks like Django, Flask, Qt, and, of course, Tkinter, and contributes to various open source Python and Javascript projects.

Alan maintains a blog by the name alandmoore, where he writes mainly about Python, Linux, free software, and his home studio recordings.

Alan lives in Franklin, Tennessee, where he works for the county government, and with his wife, Cara, raises a crew of children who are just as geeky as their dad.

Thanks to my wife, Cara, for her support; Caspian, for listening to me ramble about Python; Mark Soper, Tom Potter, Gayle Moore, and Albert Moore for the wise advice; David Andrews for his expertise; Alok Dhuri, Priyanka Sawant, Vibhuti Gawde, and the Packt team for their hard work and patience; and all the helpful people in the Python and Tkinter communities.

About the reviewer

David Andrews is CTO at a small but growing healthcare technology startup. He has spent many years as a consultant developer in several different industries including sports, finance, publishing, and insurance. His expertise lies in process automation and identifying technological solutions to core business inefficiencies.

David operates his own consultancy group, Andrews Innovations, in Nashville, TN, primarily specializing in bringing startup ideas to fruition for small businesses, including custom development of mobile applications, websites, and SaaS offerings.

I would like to thank Alan particularly for involving me in this process. It has been a true honor. I would also like to thank the good people involved in the publishing process for their patience and guidance as we worked through this.





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