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Software Architecture with Spring 5.0

By : René Enríquez, Alberto Salazar
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Software Architecture with Spring 5.0

By: René Enríquez, Alberto Salazar

Overview of this book

Spring 5 and its ecosystem can be used to build robust architectures effectively. Software architecture is the underlying piece that helps us accomplish our business goals whilst supporting the features that a product demands. This book explains in detail how to choose the right architecture and apply best practices during your software development cycle to avoid technical debt and support every business requirement. Choosing the right architecture model to support your business requirements is one of the key decisions you need to take when a new product is being created from scratch or is being refactored to support new business demands. This book gives you insights into the most common architectural models and guides you when and where they can be used. During this journey, you’ll see cutting-edge technologies surrounding the Spring products, and understand how to use agile techniques such as DevOps and continuous delivery to take your software to production effectively. By the end of this book, you’ll not only know the ins and outs of Spring, but also be able to make critical design decisions that surpass your clients’ expectations.
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The idea of supporting the MVC pattern was developed as a part of Trygve Reenskaug's research in which he concluded the following key idea:

"MVC was conceived as a general solution to the problem of users controlling a large and complex data set. The hardest part was to hit upon good names for the different architectural components. Model-View-editor was the first set. "

One of the biggest problems in computer science is related to naming things, which is why the original name was Model-View-Editor. It later evolved into MVC, as mentioned in the preceding link:

"After long discussions, particularly with Adele Goldberg, we ended with the terms Model-View-Controller."

MVC is a software architectural pattern that makes it possible to establish a clear separation between the domain objects of an application (where the business logic resides) and the elements that are used to build the UI. 

With this concept in mind, the isolation and...